Bcnu Collective Agreement Jury Duty

Under the Employment Standards Act, an employer is not required to pay you for wages lost during the jury. However, some employers choose to continue to pay the full wages of their employees during this period. Contact your employer for more information about their policies. You must respond to a jury summons – even if you feel you are not qualified or need an exception. You can reply by email or online. Find out how. During the trial version, tea and coffee are offered. Jurors are responsible for all meals, unless the jury is seized (this is when a jury is held in a private place, while deciding a verdict). In these situations, meals and accommodation are provided as needed. The reimbursement is made for the costs incurred by the succession of a jury. Expense notes must be provided to the sheriff (proof is required). Jurors receive a fee for each day they sit in a trial. Jury fees and refunds are paid to the jury every two weeks and at the end of the trial.

If a trial version lasts more than 50 days, the paid expenses are paid each week. Fees and refunds are not granted for days of absence from a jury.

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