Beauty Salon Partnership Agreement Sample

We understand that the space measures about 1,800 square meters, which is perfect for our use. Having the Elaganz Lounge and Spa in your gym will be a critical benefit to your club members, and our partnership will benefit you in terms of increased member spending and memberships. Elaganz will be responsible for all facilities and costs related to the creation and operation of the salon and spa. Plumbing and electricity are already available in your unused space, so turning that space into a living room and spa would be a breeze. Adding a spa to your gym would attract new guests and keep existing guests in your facility longer. The Elaganz Lounge and Spa offers to rent the unused land on the second floor of the RoseRock. If they are not already members of the health club, they are more likely to join. You receive monthly payments for previously unused areas The area of the building we want to rebuild for our living room is currently unused. Our monthly rental fee earns you extra income for a room you already own. We are the ultimate beauty professionals, specializing in spoiling our clients.

When we enter the lounge, we offer a gourmet chocolate to each guest, and if there is a waiting time, we offer coffee, tea or lemon water. Before being accompanied to a beauty chair, we offer all guests a freshly washed Egyptian cotton winding to protect their clothes. Our music is composed of muted Selections of New Age intended to calm the mind and calm the restless mind. Your clientele will see more value in your Health Club memberships By adding hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, facial and massage services, your gym can offer your members a complete set of health and beauty treatments at no additional cost to you. Your members will likely spend more time in your gym As they can receive full beauty treatments and leave the club to feel good, your members will likely spend more time at your facility and therefore can spend more money on your coffee and business. Your club receives additional advertisements on the show Our customers visit your club every time they use our services.. . .

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