Caretaker`s Agreement Northern Ireland

2. The initial lease in this case was made for a period of two years. Querist was therefore able to rent the premises safely from 6 October 1985 for a further period of nine months, without the tenant having the right to renew. According to the Previous Gatien, a janitor agreement could be concluded before the end of that period, on the basis of which Mr Doe would continue to ensaturate himself without rent for one week at the end of that nine-month period. As a janitor, Mr. Doe would not be a tenant and would keep the premises in trust for Querist during this period. During this one-week period, a new lease for a period of two years and nine months would be agreed and executed between the parties. If the facts of the Gatien case were strictly adhered to, Mr. Doe would set up a business and that company would take over the new lease. However, the creation of a company does not have to be essential to the system. The Supreme Court`s arguments in gatien seem to indicate that the same exercise could be repeated at the end of an additional tenancy period of two years and nine months.

If you withdraw from a sale, the buyer may ask you for compensation to cover any evaluation or investigation costs. You are not required to do so by law, unless you have signed an agreement in which you say you would offer compensation if you cancel the sale. You normally have to pay a percentage of the sale price as a commission to the agent and may have to pay other fees. Make sure you are aware of the terms of the agreement before signing. Check if there is a cooling-off period and if you have to pay an additional fee if you decide to terminate the agreement. If you can`t afford to buy a home without borrowing money, you can apply for a mortgage. Most lenders will tell you how much money they are willing to lend you, which is called a “mortgage or agreement in principle.” You don`t need to apply for a full mortgage until you find a property you want to buy. Once this is done, the house belongs to you and you can move in on the agreed date.

This is called completion. Selling your home can be complicated. Problems can arise and cause delays. Displays the best cards and credits you will most likely get. You must pay all outstanding fees related to the sale, such as.B. Your agent or lawyer fees. You will also remain responsible for any outstanding debts you have secured against the property. It`s hard to say how much your lawyer will calculate, as the amount depends on how much work to do. Try to get estimates from a number of lawyers before deciding which one you want to use. Once you have found a property, you must submit an offer to the seller.

3. The Gatien Motor Company case was decided under the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1931. The corresponding provisions of the Act have been replaced by the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1980. Section 13 of that Act, which sets out the time limits for qualifying renewal fees, replaces section 19 of the 1931 Act. Thereafter, there is at any time a right to a new rental contract if: By signing a contract, you accept the conditions of sale and purchase of the property. You and the seller must abide by the terms of the contract or go to court. As a general rule, you must pay the seller a discount of at least 5% of the price of the house.

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