Csu Bargaining Agreement

The 2014-2017 faculty contract is the collective agreement between LA CFA and THE management of the CSU. It was extended until 2021, with changes in the post after that explained. The Department of Labor and Labor Relations of the Department of Research and Employment manages collective bargaining, complaint arbitration procedures and campus labour relations at California State University. We advocate a positive and productive relationship between the CSU and its 53,000 employees. New to the CSU? If you are unsure of the bargaining unit you are in or have other issues, check your new rental documents or call your local personal contact to find out more. CFA and the csu management have agreed to extend the current contract with Quota 3: Faculty until 30 June 2021. Use the menu below to select another unit and view its negotiation agreement and other materials. . To view past CFA-CSU collective agreements, contact CFA headquarters. . Click here to read the current language of the agreement. The collective agreement between the American Association of Professors of the University of Connecticut State and the Connecticut Council of Regents is called “The Contract.” The treaty is a document negotiated between the CSU-AAUP negotiating team and the Regents Council (BOR) negotiating team.

Thus, many paragraphs have been created by compromises and are not the optimal conditions desired by both parties. However, it is a legal document and the two contracting parties – the CSU-AAUP and the ORO are required to comply with their rules. CFA members ratified the renewal agreement in the fall of 2017. Summary of Changes to the CSU-AAUP/BOR Collective Bargaining Agreement MOU: Regarding the Disastrous Holiday Donation Program Redesigned SEBAC Attempt Agreement (Retirement/Healthcare) Paper books are available on request in your CFA chapter on your campus. Appendix F: Eligibility criteria for 1 year and 3 years appointments Article 28: Family and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disabilities leaving Chancellor`s CSU office 401 Golden Shore Long Beach, CA CSUEU English Language Program Instructors, Cal State LA On July 17, 2017, 92% of CSU AAUP voters voted for the 2016-2021 CSU-AAUP contract. Appendix E: Individual Claim Form MOU filling form: AB119 Towards the reorientation of new employees (22 Oct 2019) ..

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