Fridge Lease Agreement

Not if the device is included in the rental agreement. And yes, no matter what the owner`s name is, you have a lease. Even if it`s one month to the next. And the owner should also stop his contract every month. We are currently renting a house that came with a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Recently, the toilets of the house have gone out and we had to undergo a kitchen renovation of 2 months. 2 weeks after the repair, the glass went out (its main water main was connected to the pipes that were not working). Long story the technician went out to repair the glass and found that there was dirt, rocks and Debri in the hose of the washing machine that eventually let the pump go. He said it was by no means caused by normal washing and most likely making bad whistles. Our rental agreement states that we are responsible for repairs to the devices we are originally responsible for.

Clearly, that was not the case. Do you think we need to be on the ground to get our landlord to cover the US$300 repair costs? I have a clause in my lease similar to @Greg Parker. It doesn`t really work. If you provide the app and it is discontinued, you need to repair or replace it. I am waiting for a call and authorization before the tenant calls for repairs. I`d think twice about spending $400 to fix an old fridge. As a landlord, if you wish to supply a property with a refrigerator, you must keep it in a safe working condition, unless you expressly state in the rental agreement that the tenant is responsible for the repairs. A refrigerator made available by the owner, which does not work properly, can lead the apartment to not meet habitability standards, z.B. if the refrigerator leaks and causes the formation of mold. Landlords cannot legally blame tenants for repairs. Jennifer, don`t hire your own repairman and expect to deduct it from the rent.

There are a whole series of steps that need to be taken before you can do it. You must be dealing with an entity, either with the PM or with the owner. This whole situation is unser professional and I can`t imagine the PM would be happy to know that`s what`s going on. I want to make it clear to both entities that you expect the lease to be followed in the same way as they would expect from you. The lease protects you as much as it does.

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