Kuwait Visa Agreement Paper

Expats in Kuwait must receive an Iqama (or visa) if their child is born in the country. It is a Kuwaiti visa dependent or iqama for the child. hello pink heart,Good luck to you I hope my visa will be released, I applied in agency i send you private message Please anyone there can give me idea how long kuwait VISA takes to release? I`ve been waiting here in the Philippines since August everyone can give me the idea?pls Answer Unlike other Westerners, Americans are able to get several entry visas to Kuwait, which have a 10-year validity period and an unlimited number of registrations. Work visas are iqamas issued to public and private sector workers, in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the immigration provisions. A job offer must first be accepted to obtain a visa for Kuwaiti stays. A sponsor of the Kuwaiti employer asks the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour for a work permit. The requirements for the work permit are the ID card and the certificate of non-objection or the NOC of the General Criminal Police of the Ministry of the Interior. You should get the visa within 2 months, in my case it was taken 2 months hello members, I am a graduate engineer. I have a job offer from a private sectar company in Kuwait. I expect to receive my initial work visa and the employment contract from my employer`s Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in 2 to 3 extra days. I purchased my CCP from the Regional Passport Office on September 19, 2013.

What processes should I do after getting my visa and my agreement from my employer?. Please also clarify the following questions. 1) What is the validity of the CCP in India?. In other words, is there a procedure for which the issued CCP should be put in place within a specified period of time from the date of issuance?; Also, is there a way to renew the Kuwait PCC?2) Am I getting another type of visa from the Kuwaiti Embassy in India after stamping the work visa obtained? or only the visa received should be authenticated /stamp?3) Do I need to obtain the certificate in the employment contract received/agreement? 4) What certificates (i.e. embassies, ministries, etc.) should I receive in my CCP, visa, contract/agreement and medical certificate? I think many must have gone through all these procedures/trial before going to Kuwait for a job. Please share your valuable knowledge on this topic and help me clarify my doubts to continue to allow and start my new work soon. The immigration officer authorizes the domestic worker visa. Immigration will look at the size of the sponsor`s home, the monthly income and the actual need for a maid.

I just got an email from my visa… more than 3 Moss waiting. Thank God… ok ayan27 sick send a PM. If an employee has a visit visa to Kuwait when he accepted the job, he must leave Kuwait and return with the new entry visa. A visit visa to Kuwait must be sponsored by a Kuwaiti company or a relative in the country.

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