Liuna Local 837 Collective Agreement

We are a multi-employer pension fund that provides benefits to construction workers, which are covered by collective agreements between employers and unions, as well as agreements between employers and the board of directors. And if you want to travel to Canada to find better-paying work in your field, a national network of LiUNA offices and training centres is there to inform and advise you on local opportunities. You`re part of the family. In Liuna, each member has the same rights under our Constitution and the collective agreement that covers their workplace. We do not allow exceptions. In communities across Canada, workers with the best health care are often local liUNA members. It`s not a coincidence, it`s the Liuna way. Second, there is income security when you retire — your retirement. Let`s be honest: time keeps moving forward.

They need a retirement plan. LiUNA`s multi-billion dollar pension fund is one of the largest and strongest in the Canadian private sector. In undedified areas where seniority is a factor, LiUNA strongly protects its members` seniority rights with respect to recalls, promotions, team decisions, leave periods and other seniority areas. Visit the Labourers` Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada here for more information. Liuna was founded many years ago by people who have worked hard but have too often been discriminated against, not only by employers, but also by trade unions, which have closed their doors to immigrants, women and diversity. Times have changed because of us. How does Liuna give you more security? First, there is job security. Each union seeks job security for its members, but LiUNA is more effective than most. So if you need more security, and who isn`t? – You need Liuna. We can help, that`s for sure.

There is strength in numbers, as we all know. But there is also experience. Liuna has both. The wage gap between LiUNA and non-union workers can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the average lifespan. This is in addition to the better benefits and higher pensions enjoyed by LiUNA members. It makes sense. The cost of prescription drugs, eyeglasses, dental care and other health care expenses that are not covered by provincial health plans is very high and is increasing each year. Liuna is a family union.

The Labourers` Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada (LPFCEC) is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members and their families. We are committed to providing as many services as possible in the management of their pensions. LPFCEC is one of the top 10 pension funds managed across Canada with assets of more than $3 billion. The vast majority of our members support spouses and children. You know how valuable it is not to have to worry about unforeseen health expenses.

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