Mutual Recognition Agreement Nursing

The MRA care was signed by ASEAN member states on 9 December 2006. This agreement facilitates the mobility of healthcare professionals within ASEAN, encourages the exchange of information and expertise in standards and qualifications, encourages the adoption of good practices for professional care services, and provides opportunities for capacity building and training of health care workers. 2.2 The country of origin refers to the participating ASEAN Member State, where a nurse holds a valid and up-to-date nursing registration and/or licence. The provisions of this MRA can only be changed by the mutual written agreement of the governments of all ASEAN Member States. 3.1.3 Minimum placements in care rooms of at least three (3) uninterrupted years prior to application; 4.1.4 Ensure that foreign nurses meet and maintain high standards of care, in accordance with the host country`s code of conduct. 3.1.5 The country of origin`s RNA has not conducted any ongoing surveys or investigations into the violation of technical, professional or ethical standards, both local or international, for the exercise of care; and… 2.7 The care practice refers to nurse care, which includes supportive, preventative, curative and re-educational practices that can include education and research. 5.1.2 THE participating ASEAN Member States also recognise that the registration or authorisation of care practices are legally responsible for the protection of the community`s health, safety, environment and well-being in their area of competence. 1.1 facilitate the mobility of health care workers within ASEAN; 3.1.4 Respect for satisfactory professional development, in accordance with the policy of continuing vocational training in care imposed by the RNA of the country of origin; 2.5 Care Qualification refers to the qualification of care recognized and recognized by a training body recognized, recognized and recognized by the care regulator and/or the relevant agency of the country of origin.

2.1 The nurse refers to a natural person who has completed the required vocational training and has acquired the qualification for professional care; and was judged technically, ethically and legally qualified for the practice of professional care by the country of origin`s health care supervisory authority; and is registered and/or approved by the country of origin`s care authority as a professional nurse. This definition does not apply to a nurse at the technical level. 2.8 Recognized training organization: any university, institution or host institution accredited by the NRA and/or an appropriate agency of the country of origin, according to the procedures prescribed by its government or its competent authority. 1.3. encourage good practices for professional care services; and 4.1.2 The registration and/or license of foreign nurses allowing them to practice sometimes in the host country; 2.3 The foreign nurse refers to a nurse of ASEAN nationality who is registered and/or admitted to the country of origin and who, in accordance with the care policy in the host country, requests registration and/or admission to the care activity in a host country.

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