Pcc Classified Agreement

We are pleased to inform you that we have found a solution that retroactively delays the salaries of part-time teachers to the 2019-20 level. The college is providing the necessary approvals and will take the necessary steps to implement these changes as soon as possible. Credits outside the negotiated agreement have been identified and are being used to adjust the pay of part-time faculties, which, as a result of the negotiated changes, saw their hourly rates fall this fall. It is expected that retroactive compensation for this group for the fall period will be paid no later than March 5, 2021, and payment for future terms will be incorporated into the salary plan. According to the PCC FCE website, the ccp association and administration work together to negotiate the wages, benefits and working conditions of CCP employees – a formal process known as collective bargaining. On behalf of the CCP administration, Cheryl Belt, a member of the Joint Negotiation Team and Director of Personnel and Labour Relations in the CCP`s PERSONAL Department, said that agreement on an economic package was always one of the most important but difficult tasks: “We are looking for wages and competitive advantages. At the same time, [many competing needs] are also essential to promote fair opportunities for student success, needs that PCC must finance with limited resources. Developing a common understanding of available but limited resources and the multiple needs of the college is the key to an agreement. Last Friday, the Federation`s joint bargaining team, made up of full-time and part-time faculty representatives, higher education professionals and ranked staff, presented the administration with a proposal that brought us within $6 million on a four-year contract.

(For context, the association`s full proposal costs $61 million.) The administration has requested a caucus so that it can formulate a counter-proposal. After two and a half hours, they told us that they were not in a position to terminate a proposal, but that they would send us something by email. We learned yesterday that their proposal would not be ready until after Thanksgiving. (1) List of the various recyclable products, materials, goods and deliveries that were purchased by the public authorities from a national contract of use, agreement or schedule in the previous year, by category. Below are links to current contracts, agreements and manuals for Portland Community College staff. For all employees, it is important to note that if you are away for 10 working days or more, you must apply for leave. (g) “purchase,” any contractual agreement used by the government for the purchase of goods or materials.

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