Saas Agent Agreement

Regulations are implicit in all relevant agreements of trade agencies, whether written or or orally, formal or informal, and write faithfully to the contractors and auxiliaries of the extended obligations, as well as mandatory provisions that cannot be assumed by the parties, such as the obligation for the adjudicator powers to pay compensation to the representative in the event of termination. During the duration of this distribution contract, the distribution agency has the right to represent products within the designated territory, including those products under the brand name, copyright or business name of the company. The supplier does not have a legal relationship with customers – the supplier does not have a contract with customers linked to the customer. The distributor sells SaaS software directly to its customers, as if it were its own software. Implementation problems or software errors that the customer encounters under the SaaS agreement pose the distributor`s problem. The distributor is responsible to the customer and is obliged to resolve these problems directly with the customer. Often, agency agreements require that the laws of a third country, for example. B the United States or Canada, apply to the agreement or that disputes are referred to arbitration outside the EU. As a general rule, courts in a third country will not recognize the right to compensation or compensation under the regulations. However, if you have an agreement with an agent established in the United Kingdom, the fact that your agreement is subject to the law of a third country does not mean that the regulations do not apply to the agency agreement. If we request, you will facilitate our participation in calls with you and end-users.

We may request participation in these calls to ensure the quality of your service and manage the program. In a qualified transaction that results, (i) the end user will end directly with us by supplying HubSpot products, or (ii) you order (s) and conclude with HubSpot in your own capacity for HubSpot products with us by indicating the terms of The HubSpot products ordered and providing end-user information as we wish.

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