Secondment Or Consultancy Agreement

Pension: Before accepting this form of secondment, the person must contact the Pension Office directly to discuss the impact on the pension. If a member, the existing retirement affiliation of individuals, is likely to be suspended during secondment to a company, and in the case of secondments to a college, the appointment of the college would assume its own affiliation to the pension. Not all colleges participate in the same plans as the university, and if they do, the person may end up with two retirement affiliations in different areas (final salary and CARE) of the plan. The issuer may be sufficiently protected under the existing provisions of the posted employment contract. However, it is likely that it would like to stress the need for confidentiality during the secondment and that it might wish to introduce new restrictive agreements in order to avoid the posting being in competition with the seconded or requiring staff from the secondment. In this way, those seeking secondments can easily identify suitable opportunities and those in need of appropriate redeployment can easily access all available positions. The sending agreement should also specify what happens when the posted worker terminates his or her employment relationship during the posting. The most likely option is that the posting will cease at the end of the secondment period`s notice period, but the detachment wants the posting to end quickly if the posting leaves without notice. If the posting is made to another part of the same employer, there may be fewer legal problems. However, minor amendments to the conditions of employment of the posted worker may be necessary.

They may include their duties, place of work or supervisor for the duration of the secondment. Secondments may be made within an employer or a group of employers. In these cases, the agreement can be relatively informal. For departments: the possibility of offering secondments to staff can improve career, motivation and morality, and improve networking and teamwork throughout the university. Secondments are a valuable means of covering resources in the event of staff absences or short-term projects. . . . .

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