Subject Verb Agreement With A Clausal Subject

See also Passarotti (2009) for a school of trees from medieval Latin, with a useful theoretical discussion. Piotrowski (2012) presents a detailed discussion of Natural Language Processing for historical languages: see in particular 85-100 for a discussion on the part of speech, lematization and syntactic parsing; 114-115 for an overview of the corporation of Greek and Latin. On the Alcmanicum diagram, see in particular pseudo-herodian, figure 54 (Hajd├║ 1998: 132, with a list of other ancient sources); See also Calame (1983: 308) on his fr. 2 d`Alcman. Examples citing ancient texts with abbreviations used in Liddell and Scott (1996). For translations, we have generally taken over the versions reproduced in the Perseus project; However, for some authors and texts, we have also used (occasionally, with minor modifications): Lattimore (1951), Lloyd-Jones (1994), Sommerstein (2008); For the Odyssey, we have taken over James Huddleston`s translation, published in Chicago Homer: 10-A. With one of these ________, which use a plural reverb. Badecker (2007) drew attention to cases of dismatch between the grammatikalischem/number sex.

In French, z.B mannequin (model) is morphologically masculine and usually triggers a male correspondence, even if it is used with a female speaker. However, in coordinated sentences, evidence shows that semantic concordance is preferred: The model and her makeup artist sit (*sit) in the corner (Badecker 2007: 1543). . . .

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