Treasury Board Interchange Agreement

As soon as there is an agreement on the continuation of an exchange allocation, who is responsible for the costs associated with IC allocations? Participants continue to receive their salaries and non-remuneration from their home organization. As a general rule, the organization that hosts the organization at home reimburses these costs. However, another reimbursement agreement can be negotiated between host and host organizations. Other employment-related costs, such as training and travel, are the responsibility of the host organization. Ref: trust is a task that is usually longer than one year (e.g.B. CAP or long-term divisions) for which there is usually a specific agreement between management and the employee, which requires that the employee not return to the performance of his duties prior to the end of the assignment. All attribution details, such as the length and tasks to be completed, are negotiated between the participating organizations and the participant and are included in the award agreement. The mandate for action (interim assignment) involves a compensation mechanism for workers who temporarily perform more important tasks. It occurs when a worker is required to perform, for the most part, the duties of a higher position, at least for the rights defined in the collective agreement or the current directives on commercial conditions. The agreement is signed between you, the deputy director of your home organization and the head of the host organization. What should the interchange agreement say? (That is, there is a particular wording?) You can access presentation agreements here: Is it a responsibility for my original organization to keep my position open to me? According to the IC agreement, “at the end of the interchange mission, (participants) return to a rate of pay of at least the above (his) salary, plus any increases that may be remediated as a result of the allocation of the sponsoring organization during the award, to a position with (the sponsorship organization) during the allocation. For more information, staff at the core public administration can contact their Liaison Officer for the Canada Exchange (there is an updated list for both executive and non-executive contacts).

Employees of external organizations can contact the Interchange Canada team under

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