Vrbo.com Rental Agreement

We ask all users to be responsible for their use of this website and for any transactions made either by listing a property or by renting a property. We do not own or manage holiday properties listed on a website. The website offers an online marketplace that allows property owners and managers who advertise on the site (each a “member”), to offer for rent to potential tenants or tenants (each a “traveller” and, with one member, “users”), a vacation or short-term property. “Members” may also include property owners or managers who originally promoted their real estate on another site and whose offers were redistributed on the site. We may also offer online bookings or other tools or services to allow users to communicate with each other and enter into leases or other transactions. any use of the website or website tools and services for the purpose of booking or recruiting a rental of a property other than a valid property or a valid pay-per-booking product; Users` banks or credit card companies may charge certain fees or fees, including, but not limited, foreign transaction fees related to the rental of a property. It is the user`s duty to verify any agreement with their bank or credit card company regarding these fees. These terms represent the full agreement between us and you on the issues outlined here and include any prior agreement between us and you regarding your use of the site. Securities under these conditions are only a reference and do not limit the scope or scope of such a section. In the event of a conflict between these and other conditions applicable to a product, tool or service offered on our site, the conditions applicable to it are given priority. If some of these conditions were to be declared invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, the other provisions of these conditions will remain fully in force. Moreover, any provision of these conditions, which has only been partially or partially invalidated, remains fully in force and valid to the extent that it is not deemed invalid or unenforceable. For all pay-per booking offers, the conditions in effect at the time of acceptance of a booking apply to any prior agreement between us and you regarding your use of the site.

At our request, each member undertakes to provide us with immediate proof of personal identification, proof that the condition, location or amenities related to the property are accurately described in the list, proof of ownership of the property mentioned on the site and/or proof of permission to list the property.

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