Where Canada Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Originating Goods Are Classified

(8) Importers with certificates of origin must ensure that imported products have not been made in a geographic area referred to in Schedule A. The certificate of origin contains fields in which Costa Rican exporters and/or producers must indicate whether they have benefited from the Costa Rican Free Zone regime. For more information on the certificate of origin, see the D11-4-2 memorandum, proof of the origin of the imported goods, and the D11-4-14 memorandum, certificate of origin under the free trade agreements. b.03) the importation of bulk distilled spirit beverages into a province of Costa Rica for bottling by a person duly approved by the Government of Canada for the transmission of a distiller`s commercial activity or trade; whether Distilled Spirits This memorandum contains the rules and information to determine whether the Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement (CCRFTA) imported and accounted for products originating in Costa Rica, on or before August 7, 2019 have received the benefits of the Costa Rica Free Zone regime, and whether these goods are eligible for the Costa Rica preferential tariff. The benefits of the Costa Rica tariff can only be invoked for products classified under the following positions if the products are considered originating in accordance with the RULES of origin of the CCRFTA and these products are not manufactured in whole or in part in a geographical area defined under Article 16, paragraph 2.1, tariff and Schedule A. Fungible or fungible products are goods or materials that are interchangeable for commercial purposes and whose characteristics are essentially identical; goods fully acquired or entirely manufactured on the territory of one or both parties: j) for customs purposes 9971.00.00 or 9992.00.00 under the conditions under which goods exported to a NAFTA country, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel or any other beneficiary of the CIFTA may be imported for repair or modification; (g) promote the conditions for fair competition in the free trade area created by the agreement; 5. For the purposes of this Act, goods are imported from a NAFTA country, Chile or Costa Rica when shipped directly from NAFTA, Chile or Costa Rica within the meaning of Sections 17 and 18 of the Canadian tariff. 9. All goods imported from Costa Rica are entitled to the TDC right only if the goods comply with the provisions of Memorandum D11-4-4, the rules of origin in accordance with the general preferential tariff and the tariff of the least developed countries. Restrictions on geographic areas do not apply to TPG.

5.2 (1) The Governor of the Council welcomes, at one time or another, the need to collect information on the export or importation of goods for which a specified quantity is eligible each year at the tariff rate set out in NAFTA Schedule 302.2, in accordance with NAFTA Schedule 300 B; for the rate in the lists in Schedule C-02.2 of the CCFTA, in accordance with Appendix C-00-B of The CCFTA Schedule, or for the rate listed on schedule III.3.1 of the CCRFTA, in accordance with Schedule III.1. 1.1 of THE ANHANGs III.1 of the CCRFTA The Governor of the Council may, by order and without reference to this quantity, add these goods to the export control list or the import checklist, or both, in order to facilitate the collection of this information.

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