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The True Justice of a Just God

The True Justice of a Just God

by  Lawrence A. Panarello

This book will lighten your heart today and give you a lively hope for tomorrow, allowing you to view God and life from a heavenly perspective and discover peace in your soul.


Alejandra Vernon ~ Reviewer for Amazon

A wise and wonderful book, The True Justice of a Just God is an inspired work that will fill you with hope and love.  Exquisitely written, it has a simplicity and graceful beauty in its style that is a rarity in this age; it is a joy to read not only for the power of its thoughts, but also for the words chosen to express them. Lawrence A. Panarello explains scholarly subjects in a way that is easy to understand, and describes the many forms of justice in biblical times: The Civil Court or Tribunal, the Elders, and the Daysman, or mediator.   In Chapter 4, the Book of Job (which is often a stumbling block for readers and the reason many find it the hardest book in the Bible to grasp), is commented on superbly, and Chapter 5, The Promised Daysman, is about how Christ Jesus intercedes for us, and is our defense attorney.

This book started me on a course that would literally change my life. Lawrence Panarello very succinctly details a God of love! Life’s experiences had taken their toll on my mental well being and were eating away at the very fabric of my soul. Worldly negatives of the day seemed to target God and make one question whether God is truly just. This book addressed the very crux of the matter and allowed me to start the healing process in my life and get back to growing for a God who is worth believing in! Experiences and media teach us nothing about the true nature of God. Only the Word of God can unlock these life changing truths, and they are expounded upon brilliantly in the book The True Justice of a Just God! If you are searching for a loving God and heavenly Father who is all good; One who sent His only son to save all of mankind in love; One who is truly just in only a way that He can be just through grace and mercy; then I highly recommend this book. It restored my faith in a loving God, in whom is no evil at all. I read this book a couple of years ago and still come back to it just to remind myself how loving God, the true God, my heavenly father, is! I am currently in the midst of rereading it again and felt inspired to get back on Amazon and post a review!

Even after having regularly heard scripture expounded; and reading and studying the Bible myself for the last 30 years, this book was the missing piece that greatly changed my life! I’ve never had so much peace before and found it so easy to walk in the love of God instead of frustration. I very highly recommend it!