Beloved of God Ministries

Our Loving Lord’s Love

Humans may feel unworthy of the quality of love our lord and savior has for us. Today, we’ll look at a couple of instances in the Gospels where Jesus’ unconditional love was amazingly shown forth. To hear the teaching, click on the link, Our Loving Lord’s Love, or visit the Teachings tab, and click on the teaching, Our Loving Lord’s Love.


1 Peter 1:23-25; John 13:34; Luke 6:35, 27; Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:14; Luke 22:31-34; 23-24; John 13:1-11; 17; John 18:1; John 18:1; John 21:1-19; Acts 1:1-2; Luke 6:12-16; Acts 1:4, 8